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Did you get called by the Council of Golden Light?

Hello Beautiful,

my Name ist Verena and in summer 2020 the Council of Golden Light contacted me. Because I couldn’t find anything about them in the Internet I turned to my wonderfull psychic friends to varify the Information.

This is the short version of what we found out till now:
The Council of Golden Light is a collective conciousness from the 11th dimension or even higher. It’s the first time in human history that they contact Earthlings (us humans 😉 ).

One of their projects is to anchor their energy through the written word. For this purpose they contacted 10 people for writing books.

So if you are one of these people i am more than happy to get in touch with you.


Instagram: @divinely.created.verena

Isn’t it absoluteley amazing to be on earth at this special time! 😉

I love you dearly and I am happy to hear from you soon.

From heart to heart,